Domain 2: The Classroom Environment 

2a.Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport

Aligned closely to my teaching philosophy, my respect and rapport for my students is the key to building a community in the classroom. In my teaching I value student's voices and want them to be heard amongst my classes. I always want my students to know they are important and cared for. To the right, you will see an interactive slideshow where students in an inclusion class explored their 7 Body Actions. 

2b. Establishing a Culture for Learning 

Classroom expectations are set for students in the beginning of the year to ensure their safety, learning and behavior. To the right is a brief slideshow presentation of the dance classroom expectations set during my teaching internship. 

2c. Managing Classroom Procedures & 2d. Managing Student Behavior

Managing classroom procedures and student behavior is to ensure that the community within the class has respect for one another. Implementing these procedures will also re-enforce student safety. To the right are five different memes used to engage students in these expectations. 

2e. Organizing Physical Space

Organizing physical space in the classroom supports student's engagement and creates safety and accessibility. During my internship, I wanted the students to have normalcy in the virtual platform so it was important for me to design my space that got students ready to learn. In addition, when students did return to the school in order to welcome them into the school we put together a dance board. 


Organizing my space was crucial during the pandemic to ensure the safety of my students. When it was nice out we used the outdoor space keeping more than 6ft apart to dance.