Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities 

4a. Reflecting on Teaching 

Reflecting on my teaching has allowed me to further develop as an educator. It has also allowed me to go back into lessons and see what has and/or has not worked out. In my reflections I am continuously looking for ways to better my work as an educator.  To the right are self reflections in my graduate studies and teaching internship. 

4b. Maintaining Accurate Records

Maintaining accurate records, keeps me organized as a teacher. This organization is important when looking into teaching/learning patterns of students and myself. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-01 at 8.52.40 AM.png

4c. Communicating with Families

Communicating with families allows my students and I to stay connected further than the school community. It is important to me that my student's families are aware of what their student is doing in class. I also want the families to feel they are part of their students education even if it is from a distance. 

4d. Participating in a Professional Community

As an active member of Dance New Jersey and National Dance Education Organization, I am able to collaborate and continue to build teaching tools to better my teaching pedagogy. I proudly represent myself professionally amongst other colleagues and engage in any opportunity to grow. 

4e. Growing and Developing in a Professional Community

In order to continue and grow as a dance educator it is my responsibility to participate in professional developments, and art festivals such as the High School Dance Festival. In addition, as a dance educator to continue to grow in my artistic skills is necessary for me to best support my students.